Read this Before Registering on buck farm

Read this Before Registering on buck farm

 A must read before registering on buck farm 

buck farm
many of us take several measures to make money online like ponzis investments and some gifted ones earn with their skills this article is for some of you who registered or are about to register on buck farm, i have put together the pros and cons of buck farm so you have a second taught wether or not to register on this platform.
buck farm has been in existence for at least 2 months now and they have paid over 5 million to users wich is correct now how do they get money to pay you, this guys don't actually get money from they ads you place as its just a cover up its what i call pure ponzi.
        they make money from users registration and pay the existing users like any other ponzi out there, the do pay affirmative but not for long because when they get a large number of users and the inflow becomes lesser than the outflow they have no option but to close down and run.

        this took me to asking myself how do they earn i went on a research and discovered they charge as much as 2500 for withdrawal wish is no way good imagine getting 2500 from 5,000 users, with this formula. if you notice withdrawal takes almost a week before the process it, at this time the wait for more users to join and get enough cash to pay you off.

that's from the negative side now why you might consider registering,

         well its kind off less costly just 1k to register and as far as i have known they don't ask for referrals before payout this would be a great relief  for some of you that aren't  good in referrals,
Buck farm

they pay as low as 2500 with their charges you might get 1500 or so it isn't bad at least 1500 weekly manageable 

many of us have been scammed by ponzi s like nnu, racksterly etc. same way some of us have earned a lot from ponzi  its about risk taking just like gambling its either you forget about the cons and go ahead wich might earn you cool cash or stay back and chop your money lol
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