6 apps you need to uninstall before it empty’s your bank account

6 apps you need to uninstall before it empty’s your bank account


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         There are several apps available on the play store, which most users download daily, we download several apps daily which leads to downloading viruses and malware  even programs that can be used to access your bank account and get them emptied without you suspecting, recently a security company has issued a warning against six android apps that can be used to access and empty your bank account.

According to the report gotten from mirror, researchers from the company pradeo have  warned against the use of these apps that are programmed and loaded with malware known as a joker, that can intrude your confidential details like your bank company etc.

Pradeo has made it known pertaining the dangerous apps saying that joker is a type of fleeceware, aptly named as this program could fleece the bank info of its victim.

Joker is a malicious bot known as fleeceware its main function is to simulate clicks and intrude SMS to subscribe to unwanted paid premium services. Joker generates a footprint that is tricky to detect.

This malware was newly discovered  which shows they have been injected in several apps unknowingly.

Lists of newly founded malicious apps on play store:

 Now six several apps have been discovered to carry this malware namely:

1.    1.   Safety app lock

2.     2.  Emoji wallpaper

3.     3.  Push message-texting and SMS

4.      4. Convenient scanner 2

5.       5. Separate docs scanner

The alarming part is that over 200k android users have already installed  and started making use of this malicious software, so the researchers are urging users to uninstall and delete these apps immediately.

                The security company have already reached out to Google  regarding the removal of these apps from play store which will be carried out soon.

According to Dark Reading, the company was also able to detect  11 other malicious apps on play store  that has this same malware in July.

                Currently Google is doing its best to detect and diminish this malware from not only play store but the web in general.

Google security flaw

Recently a security bug was discovered by the security startup over secured, the security flaw was found on the companies play core library, Google found  it and was able to fix it

We at nairavilla appreciate the researchers for saving millions from this malware and urge everyone to delete these apps and be careful downloading different apps on the play store for now.


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