YouTube Monetization! Real or Not!

YouTube Monetization! Real or Not!

YouTube Monetization! Real or Not!
YouTube Monetization! Real or Not!
Maximize Revenues through YouTube
For content owners, monetization on YouTube is directly proportional to the number of viewers as well as the time duration viewed. YouTube Monetization (YTM) services enable enterprises to grow their viewer base, increase audience watch time, strategically optimize their content and escalate brand recall. It unlocks the true potential of an organization’s content, paving the way for maximizing revenues through the YouTube platform.
YouTube Monetization! Real or Not!

YouTube is currently the 3rd most visited website in the world, with 20% (33 million+ subscribers) of its subscriber base using it to view news. Today, news breaks out on YouTube almost simultaneously as it does on web portals or social media touch points. For important events like elections, it is critical for news channels to be able to publish breaking news on YouTube almost simultaneously as the live telecast. However, most news broadcasters miss out significantly on viewership as there is a time lag between breaking news on live telecast and uploading the same content on YouTube. Moreover, the lack of in-house expertise
often leads to inaccurate meta-tagging, which makes even the published content hard to discover. Maintaining the infrastructure and workforce needed to handle YouTube operations efficiently is also a huge added cost. All these factors make it difficult for news channels to retain existing subscribers and attract new ones, something which ultimately affects monetization.

PFT’s YouTube Monetization services enable news channels to upload content on YouTube in the shortest possible turnaround time (TAT). We ensure that the content is edited, curated, tagged and uploaded in accordance with currently trending topics. Our expertise in technology, best practices for social media, optimization tips and suggested strategies for building audience and engagement help news broadcasters reach their end goal of monetization. Also readWRITE AND GET PAID:SEVEN PLATFORM THAT PAYS WRITER IN NIGERIA

YouTube has helped many people’s careers take off because of the platform it provides. For example, Drake, a musician that has risen to fame in recent years was discovered through his videos on YouTube. The same thing happened to Tori Kelly, and Alessia Cara. Not only do musicians become famous from YouTube’s platform, but even the content creators land amazing roles in movies, directing gigs, podcasts, and much more. Jenna Marbles, began on YouTube making videos, but now with her boyfriend Julien Solomita, they run a weekly podcast together.
Many other YouTubers have written books and become bestselling authors, made movies, starred in movies, been on late night talk shows, attended and hosted live award shows, won awards, and gained a plethora of other opportunities. When the platform began,
The reason YouTube has become as successful as it is today, is because it’s extremely user friendly so everyone has access to it.

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