Wowapp 2020 Review Legit or Scam?

Wowapp 2020 Review Legit or Scam?

Wowapp review 2020
Wowapp 2020 Review Legit or Scam

1. Introduction to wowapp
What is wow app? 
   Wowapp is a free app like Facebook that allows you to earn real money for performing the same tasks you perform of Facebook and WhatsApp daily, on this app you earn real and withdrawable cash for completing the below tasks:
  • Chatting
  • Reading news 
  • Viewing ads 
  • Answering simple surveys 
  • Downloading games 
  • Making Audio and Video calls 
  • Inviting friends 
And even for been online. Wowapp is the most amazing social media platform I have seen as it stands out of others by giving us a share out of what they generate due to our daily usage. 

2. A brief history of wowapp

In 2015 Thomas Knobel created wowapp with a vision to create a world where everyone gets a share 
He complained that's few people own the majority of the world's wealth and he took the decision to end the inequality. 

3. How To Join Wowapp: Wowapp is free to join all you need to do is tap this link  WOWAPP  when it opens tap join Solomon Elijah on wowapp to start registering and download the app, after downloading login with the details you used in registering online.

4. Is Wowapp real?:  I have been on wowapp since 2018 
And I have made closely $700 for just doing what you have been wasting your data doing on Facebook 
See proof 
Wowapp review 2020

Wowapp review 2020
I can give you screenshots of my withdrawals from 2018 to 2020 it should be over $2000. 
  Clear all your doubts it's Real

5. What are the withdrawal methods available on wowapp
  As of 2020, there are 7 ways to cash out on wowapp but I believe there are more to come 
E.g bitcoin 
Wowapp 2020 Review Legit or Scam

Wowapp is real and I am a witness 
Register and leave Facebook for good 
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