Secret Covid19 Sensor Installed In Phones!

Secret Covid19 Sensor Installed In Phones!

It is no longer news that the raging Covid19 pandemic has continued to affect lives and businesses. It's even more disheartening that it appears there's no end in sight. Cases keep rising daily and the stringent but safe precautionary measures meant to prevent the spread of this virus are still being implemented as the society tries to adjust to the new normal. Despite these steps,the cases still continue to rise. As we hope and pray for a miracle- or a vaccine, efforts are being made to ensure adequate contact tracing to reduce the spread of the virus and identify potential carriers of this virus.
Secret Covid19 Sensor Installed In Phones!

In order to aid adequate contact tracing, Google and Apple have launched a new service on android and iOS devices. It has been rumored that a secret Covid19 sensor had been installed in mobile phones,unknown to the owners. However,this secret covid19 sensor is merely an exposure settings that notifies users whether or not they have been in contact with someone who has reported having symptoms of covid19. The application which is enabled by the use of Bluetooth,collects data and identifications from nearby devices to notify you of your exposure risks.

With the aid of a Public Health App available on your locality,if a person reports having symptoms of Covid19 and their IDs are stored on your phone, the app notifies you of this information and gives you further instructions on what  to do. However, this only functions when your exposure notifications system is on and you have the Public Health App installed. You can turn the settings on by turning on your blue tooth and location so that your phone and other phones nearby exchange random IDs,which your phone will record and store for further use.

Secret Covid19 Sensor Installed In Phones!

This infact, is not a secret covid19 sensor but an exposure notification settings aimed at  contact tracing of Covid
To find this "covid19 sensor" on your android device, go to settings on your device and check under "google". Your voluntary participation is required for the settings to be functional and you can just turn it off if you don't want 

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