LED Floor Screen Technology, New World Floor Technology

LED Floor Screen Technology, New World Floor Technology

LED Floor Screen Technology, New World Floor Technology
The LED floor screen with a durable alloy aluminum structure, high wear resistance of the resin mask, so that it can be placed on the ground directly stampede. The use of standard SMD surface paste three-in-one packaging technology, display color types up to 1.07 billion kinds of real-time display of colorful dynamic and static screen, with a perfect display. With high reliability, color saturation, uniform, high brightness, low power consumption, long life, large viewing angle and so on. Support a variety of video signals, including the general VGA, DVI traditional video signals and HDMI and other high-definition video signals, and can receive TV, VCD, DVD, live live and other video

High load-bearing performance: up to 1.5T per square meter of weight;
LED Floor Screen Technology, New World Floor Technology
Easy maintenance: with power and signal working status self-test function, real-time display of each product power and signal work status, when the product does not display the screen, to help quickly determine the problem, quickly make the appropriate maintenance measures.

Can be replaced separately: When the entire screen of a product failure, can be directly removed separately replacement without the need to remove other products to help you quickly solve the product unexpected situation;

Protection class up to IP65, no fear of bad rain weather, can be assured that the use of outdoor environment;

Large viewing angle design: even in the case of nearly 120 degrees angle angle, still able to watch the normal display screen, when the camera low-angle camera can also be taken to the display screen;

High-strength wear-resistant masks: Mask with high wear resistance of the resin to ensure its high wear resistance, scratch resistance, to avoid mask scratches and affect the color brick display;

Aluminum alloy structure design: the main structure of aluminum alloy material, bring excellent thermal conductivity at the same time, make the product more light and strong;

Excellent heat dissipation: professional cooling channel design, to ensure that the screen body heat quickly and effectively derived, so that product performance is not affected by heat;

High-quality power supply, stable and reliable: the use of high-quality power supply to further ensure long-term stable operation of the product; with power factor correction (PFC) function, effectively reduce the impact on the power grid.

It Can be widely used in bars, clubs, theaters theater, multi-functional exhibition hall, cafes, hotels, stage performances, concert halls, commercial buildings, airports, railway stations, large shopping malls, government agencies and other places

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