Digital Music Business & Distribution, The mordern technology of CDs and Records

Digital Music Business & Distribution, The mordern technology of CDs and Records

Digital Music Distribution how to and how not!Digital Music Distribution how to and how not!

Today as I speak about  music production, creation, distribution! The technology that has swept through and shaken the music industry as like never before. The power of  music and the industry seems to have shifted in favor of independent and relatively ‘unknown’ musicians, and the much neglected fans. The Music has been the force which could cut across cultures and transcend the borders. The digital technology with music is moving around the world at the speed of light bringing a lot musicians and fans with cultures together. Musicians and non Musicians have been the first ones to appreciate music of other cultures and to incorporate them in their own repertoire as we proceed!

Digital Music Distribution how to and how not is To fight against the free MP3 files downloading, I have have had a up close personal conversation with big labels and we decided to launch  own services with a fee-based remuneration. For an example MusicNet, joint venture from AOL, Bertelsmann, EMI and Real Networks, launched a service offering 100 downloads and 100 streamcasts per month for a subscription of $ 9.95. you want the same music next month, you have to renew your subscription. 

We’ve  press play started by Sony and Vivendi Universal, offers the same kind of service at the same price, but customers have access to 300 streamcasts and 300 downloads with the permission to copy from their works!
Confab offers music downloads, personal play lists and CD burning for a monthly fee of $24.95. It had licenses with EMI and Zomba Music Group! One big disadvantage of these fee-based sites is the fact that they cannot compete on the choice dimension against P2P networks such as Kazaa. In fact, in March 2002, Kazaa claimed more than 180 million available digital files for nearly a billion downloads, when label sites were offering on average only 10% of the top US singles and 9% of the top 100 albums 
The “à la carte” model
The “à la carte” download model offers the possibility to the customer to choose and pay song track by song track. there are two alternatives, either you opt for a play-for-play model where the user
pays every time she/he listens, or you offer a pay-for- download service where the user pays just once.
World most preferred Digital store Apple iTunes has users who can download songs for 99 cents a track or $9.99 an album, Digital locks which are embedded in the songs let the users store and listen to the copies of songs on up to three PCs, and to transfer all the songs to unlimited numbers of CDs and portable music players, such as the iPod by Apple’s is a real goal that has reach up to 100 million downloads in its first year. Since in April 2003 launched by March 15, 2004,  Apple iTunes users had bought 50 million songs, but according to the company’s estimates, this figure can be projected into a 130 million downloads annually. Apple’s offers more than 500,000 songs but in the US only.  Today the same development in Africa is expanding every corners of the Music distribution and Business of Music digital distribution is now up a scale of 100 to 500, this shows that Africa is already taken advantage of this technology as it’s has changed the facet of music business, with this digital technology, 

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