How to create a PayPal account that sends and Receives Payment without VPN or IP related stuffs in Nigeria 2020.

How to create a PayPal account that sends and Receives Payment without VPN or IP related stuffs in Nigeria 2020.

Hello everyone, some of us are doing business abroad, trading internationally, or you are a freelancer that wants to get paid from a client abroad. It all involves exchange of money from Nigeria to the other country or vice versa.
A platform has proven over years to be reliable when transacting between different countries which is PayPal. PayPal is a platform that allows users to pay and get paid from different countries, it is highly encrypted and safe designed by some of the best brains in different part of the world.

However, PayPal has put restriction and limitation on some countries because of the high scam rate and to protect its users of which our dear country Nigeria is a victim which means if you are from Nigeria you won’t be allowed to receive money but can only pay or send money to other countries.
Ouch that was bad news but don’t worry I have a good news for you, our team of expert have been able to devise some method in which you can evade these restrictions, of which I am going to show you today. If you look carefully at the picture below, Nigerians can only create a Personal account of which other countries that aren’t under restriction like UAE can create both personal and Business account.

So I am going to teach us how to open a PayPal account for free now of which if you want to learn outside its worth up to 10,000. To open our PayPal account, we are going to be using United Arab Emirate details, some people use Lesotho, Philippine, etc. but I use UAE because its tested, trusted and legit

Step 1. Go to
The AE after that slash is for United Arab Emirates [Country]
Important: Make sure you add /ae after the (

The important thing is to create a Business PayPal account and not Personal account 
because personal accounts is used for making payments. 
So when you Click on Signup you need to choose Business. That should be the 
Second Option
You will be brought to a Page make sure you leave the Country it shows you which is UAE. 
Click Continue and move on to the next step.

Step 3 
You will be taken to another page. There you need to enter in an email that you haven't been used before. 
If you notice that when you put the email, you are directed to login, it means you have used that email before to create a PayPal account and it can’t be used again. 

Step 4.
Fill in details correctly 
And use the below details and instruction

▪ In Field for phone number don’t change any country code there. Just Put in your mobile number but make sure you remove the first 0 put in the rest
▪ In Field for Address Line 1: Put in Abu Hail 

▪ Leave Address Line 2 Empty

▪ City or Town: Put Abu there

▪ Postal Code: Put in: 18004

Step 5

This step should not be hard for you, just put in your business information. E.g. 
Prosper Industry, Advertising Category, Sub Category: Products etc..

Leave field for business URL empty, its not necessary.

Here, you need to provide information About You
Step 6.

Select the Identity Document you have. Select the one you know it’s still with you and 
Enter the id number in the box then enter your date of birth and Submit.

Note if you don’t have a valid id I will provide the details of one in the picture below

Now you will be welcome message thanking you for signing up at PayPal.

Almost Done, Just two things Left.
▪ Confirm Email
▪ Link a Card
Now you need to verify this account so it can be fully functional like other accounts. 

From that Thank you page, click on Setup Payments, this will log you in to the PayPal 
Account and you will see a red sign 
The Next is to Link and Confirm your Debit Card

See, here make sure you're using *Visa or MasterCard*

Note, you cvant use a Verve card so look for a MasterCard of Visa CARD.
And another advantage when you Link a Visa Card/ MasterCard is that you can send any payments in your PayPal account to your Card. 
That is to your Bank Account straight away. 

So How to Link and Confirm Card. 
After verifying the email, you will still see a red dot and this time it would show only one which means “It’s asking you to link your debit card and confirm
 *Note please:*

▪ Make sure you have enough or little balance In your bank account because 
PayPal will charge you $1.95 to confirm and after you confirm they return it back to your bank account.

Now on the next page, make sure you fill in your correct card details

Make sure you fill everything correctly.

Once you click Continue, PayPal will send a PPcodeXXXX to the phone number you used to you’re your Bank 
Account and the one used In receiving transaction alerts. 

PayPal will debit your account and along with a code like *PP1234PP. 

The 4 Digit number in the *PP1232PP is what you need to confirm the linking of your 
PayPal account.
Now when you get it, log in to your PayPal account and in the red dot again, click and put In the code and confirm. Boom! That’s all to creating a PayPal account that can send and receive payments in Niger

*So whenever you want to receive money to your PayPal account all you need is to give the person your PayPal email address ONLY.*.

In conclusion, there shouldn’t be barrier to our making money, channels must be paved for we to be able to transact anywhere in the world of which PayPal main function is to do so. Create your PayPal account today and transact freely with anyone from any part of the world.

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