Good day everyone and welcome to Nairavilla. Since the pandemic began, a whole lot of us have been glued to our Televisions for the latest shows to while away time. Very few of us have come face to face with a smart TV, which - like a smartphone - has touch features and many other advance features compared to our everyday flat screen TV.
Forbes took it upon themselves to test for the best smart TVS ever produced and I bring the list to you below with their prices in dollars. Enjoy!


Features: Size (55-65 inches), Type (OLED display), Price ($1,600)

The best smart TV tested so far by Forbes is the LG B8 4k OLED TV. One of its amazing properties is its wide range viewing angles and a remarkable picture quality that really shows off perfection even in a dark room. Deliverance of perfect definition and quality is possible thanks to its emissive LED technology and photon power nature. It has a wide color gamut pallette and decent HDR peak brightness, and when in HDR it’s full of rich colors and bright highlights being the show to life right from your living room!

This smart TV runs on the latest version of WebOS, LG's smart operating system. It is quite an interface that is very easy to use and understand even as a first time buyer or user. Certain operations can be triggered by voice control and the TV has an interface with a variety of smart consumer electronics, like Google Assistant. The interface gives you direct access to LG’s Content Store, which is one of the most diverse online store available for the discovery of new apps. Exciting right?? 


2. SONY X900F: 
Features: Size (45-85 inch range), Type (LED, LCD), Price ($1000)

This TV does not have perfect blacks or the good viewing angles compared to the LG B8 but it can deliver amazing picture quality and an impressive easy performance and usage in almost any situation. It is definitely a nice choice of TV for watching movies and HDR movies in a dark room, and it delivers beautiful motion crisp for sports fans. Also, it is a bright resolution TV that can fight glare from a ray of light and has a low input lag for straight up gaming experience. 

This TV has recently been upgraded to the Android TV Oreo 8.0 that makes browsing through as easy as an everyday smartphone, also giving access to the Google Play Store where you’ll find so many things. The remote control also has a microphone so you can use your voice to activate certain commands with Google Assistant voice control feature.


Features: Size (45-82 inches), Type (LED LCD), Price ($650)

A TV with the same price range as the Sony X900f above but seemingly focused on having more advanced gaming features.  Thus TV has a very good picture quality and is a great choice for watching sports and TV shows enjoying every movement as if it were live, but if you consider yourself a movie or HDR movie enthusiasts, you might want to look elsewhere as this TV might not deliver that fully. This is an excellent TV for playing video games as stated. And although it has a remarkably low input lag, even with tense motion interpolation, it supports FreeSync  refresh rate technology for nearly perfect gaming, and also has an Auto Low Latency Mode to detect when you’re ready to get your gaming on and switch to the lowest input lag mode.

The interface of this TV is based on Samsung’s Tizen OS and is also very easy to navigate. It comes with numerous preinstalled apps and likewise grants you access to Samsung’s app store where you can find lots of other apps. You can also easily use your voice to perform certain tasks, as this TV operates with Bixby, Samsung’s smart voice assistant.

Samsung RU8000

4. TCL 4 S425 SERIES
Features: Size (45-75 inch), Type (LED), Price ($250)

This is a ROKU smart TV perfect for most uses. Although it doesn’t support any form of advanced features like local dimming or motion interpolation like the others on the list it still makes for a great choice for gamers and movie watchers likewise. This tv can’t get very bright in dark rooms but it is suitable for average-lit rooms like a kitchen or a garage. There is little or no advantage to using HDR with it, compared to the price though. 

On he bright side, it runs on the Roku TV interface but just slightly less advanced than other smart Tvs in the series. Through this interface you are granted access to a a huge number of apps, which Roku calls ‘Streaming Channels,’ where you’ll definitely find what you need. The remote app that controls the TV is very diverse as it can act as a remote, lets you stream files online to the TV, and even allows some limited voice control commands of the TV.

decent performance in most uses. It doesn’t support any advanced features like local dimming or motion interpolation, making it a little less versatile. Furthermore, it can’t get very bright and it’s more suitable for average-lit rooms like a kitchen or a garage; there is little advantage to using HDR with it.  On the upside, it runs the same Roku TV interface found on the R617 with the same features, just slightly less advanced. Through the interface you get access to a very large number of apps, which Roku calls ‘Streaming Channels,’ where you’ll find what you need. The remote app that controls the TV is very versatile; it can act as a remote, lets you stream files to the TV, and even allows some limited voice control of the TV.

How did you like the list? See a smart TV you like? Don't be scared to drop a comment below! 


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