SHOCKING:How To Convert 3G Phones To 4G

SHOCKING:How To Convert 3G Phones To 4G

What is 3G?

How To Convert Your 3G Phone To 4G


Welcome to NairaVilla, We all know the meaning of G which stand for generation,  and we can all seed that the world of technology is improving every single day.  And some might not be able to avoid 4G phone,  so I will explain how to convert your 3G phone to 4G.

Due to the country Economy and dollar high value to naira most people may find it difficult to acquired 4G LTE phone and will love to use 4G for browsing, Just to know how fast it is and why some love it so much.

We are aware that  the 4th generation of cellular network which as over throne 3rd generation since is arrival,

What make  4G unique is that it provide capabilities defined  by  ITU in the latest IMU advanced technology.

How to convert your 3G phone to 4G

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1. Visit the Google play store download the all called  CPU-Z.

2. After you successful install the app open it.

3. The reason for the download is just  for you to know the your phone processor.

4. Now go to playstore again and install a app called Engineering Mode.

5. After successful installation of the app, open it

6. Scroll down gently, until you find prefered selection and click on it

7. Select  LTE / WCDMA/GSM and save it.


8. Switched of your phone and on it back. With sim removed

9. Switch it off once more and insert  sim, in to the sim 1 slot

That how to convert your 3G phone to 4G.

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