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Welcome again, Taking a screenshot is a simple computing skill, but it’s a very useful one to have. Screenshots can be helpful at work, required for record-keeping, or may even be requested by tech support to better visualize an issue you’re dealing with.

But if you’re going to take a screenshot on a window PC, the first thing to know is that you have many options for doing so. These can include using the Print Screen key, sending screenshots to One drive, capturing them via Game bar, and others. Our featured method uses the Paint program, but you can edit screenshots with nearly any first- or third-party tool.

we have many mehods to capture your desktop as an image but we are taking about one of them here which is SNIPPING TOOL


The best native method is the Snipping Tool. This built-in screen-capture utility works well enough, but it’s not the most robust or versatile when it comes to saving a snapshot. However, it’s a utility that allows users to better define and capture portions of their desktop display as a screenshot.

To start, just type Snipping Tool into the taskbar’s search field and select the resulting app. Once it opens, you’ll see a notification that it’s moving to a new home in a future update. It’s still an available tool but Microsoft encourages you to use Snip & Sketch or the aforementioned Win + Shift + S keyboard shortcut.

With the Snipping Tool opened, click the Mode button to expand its menu. You’ll find four screen-capturing options: Draw a window (Free-Form Snip), box in an area (Rectangular Snip), capture the current window (Window Snip), and capture the entire screen (Full-Screen Snip).

Note if you use the Free-Form and Rectangular modes, the screen turns white. Once you begin defining the screenshot space, the white tint clears within that area. If you’re capturing a specific window, your screen tints white save for the contents within that window.

The Snipping Tool includes a delay feature too. It can wait between one to five seconds before it snaps a screenshot so you can capture a precise moment in a video or animation. You can then take repeated snips in the same mode simply by pressing the Alt and N keys.

Once you capture a screenshot, the Snipping Tool interface expands to display your screenshot. You can perform light edits like using a pen, highlighter, and eraser. You can also click the colorful Paint 3D button to perform additional edits in the newer application.

When you’re done editing within the Snipping Tool, click File in the upper left corner and then click the Save As option listed on the drop-down menu.

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