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Many people want to make money online during this period and this is definitely a legit way to do so. 

LPV Forum also known as Loaded Pen Vibes is a platform with quite a reputation. They are quite similar to the likes of NNU and Nairaland and they have been in operation since March 2019 and boast of an impressive cashout of over 200 Million naira for two earning categories (Activity and Referral). Legitimate services are delivered and you earn while you surf the website, learning, keeping yourself informed and entertained as well.

There are two categories of earnings on LPV Forum. 

1. LARS: LARS is an acronyn for LPVFORUM ADVERT REVENUE SHARING. It is usually referred to as ACTIVITY EARNINGS. This earning is paid from our monthly return of advert revenue from our partners (Google Adsense and Propeller Ads,etc). Participants earn activity points through the following ways

  • Daily login in to their lpvforum account which is equivalent to #50 naira
  •  Reading and commenting on posts which is equivalent to #5 naira per comment 
  • Creating and posting forum topics which is equivalent to #100 naira per post created
  • Sharing of sponsored posts and campaign adverts on social media which is equivalent to #100 naira per post shared 

2. LAPS: LAPS is an acronym for LPVFORUM AFFILIATE PROGRAM. It is usually referred to as REFERRAL EARNINGS.  With LAPS, you automatically become an affiliate upon successful registration. As an affiliate, you earn a whopping 66.6 percent affiliate commision of N1,000 per referral on anyone who joins LPVFORUM through your referral link. The more people you refer to join, the more referral earning you amass. 

Questions frequently asked are:

How Can I Earn And How Much Can I Earn On LPVFORUM Income Program?  

1. LAP: Well as an affiliate, you earn 66.6% per each referral. When you introduce your friends to participate on LPVFORUM, you earn ₦1,000 Naira from their premium membership entry fee.

2. LARS: As an active participant, you earn point for your activities on LPVFORUM website.

3. Sign Up Bonus: Once you sign up for LPV forum,You earn 1000 points. 

4. Active daily login: You earn 100 to 150 points when you login to your account daily.

5. View/Reading post: You earn from 10 to 15 points on each latest post you read

6. Relevant Comment: You earn from 5 to 10 points on each latest post you read and comment relevantly. 

7. Posting Forum Topic: You earn 100 points for posting relevant, interesting and well structure forum topic that get approved on the website (Writer's Pack)

8. Sharing sponsored post on Facebook: We assign a sponsored post to members in their dashboard to share on their Facebook timeline daily, you earn 150 to 250 points daily on assigned post you share as recommended.

How Genuine And Who Is Behind This Project?
LPVFORUM Income Program (LIP) is a financial solution not a quick rich scheme and it's a Double Your Hustle (DYH) idea created March 10th, 2019 by a young Nigerian entrepreneur Mr. Adeoti Abayomi. under the auspices of Pynith LTD. A professional web and ICT business registered under Corporate Affairs Commission (1526865).

Adeoti Abayomi is a Nigeria internet marketer, affiliate marketer and a Blogger who has made a mark in the Internet business circle in Nigeria.

How To Register And Get Started
To join LPVFORUM community, you need to purchase LPVFORUM premium membership with a token amount of N1,500 Naira only 

NOTE: We have only 1 payment options available which is using Coupon code / e-pin.

Withdrawal, Payment or Cash Out:How To Cash Out / Withdraw Your Earning
Kindly note that affiliate/referral commissions are paid out in cash within 0 to 48  hours. When you have earned up to N3,000 minimum threshold (10,000 points) and above in your wallet, you can request for withdrawal and you will get paid without any delay.

Point/activities earning  conversion is allowed monthly .

Minimum Eligibility for LARS point earners is 10,000 Lars point for first withdrawal and 30,000 lars point subsequently where you stand a chance to get N10,000 if you Qualify for our payment .

Note: You are to only earn 10,000 Las point , other earnings are earned at your own convenience and pleasure , the benefit of earning more point is that it gives you more edge to be paid faster because  we share our Revenue from top activities earners to low earners till the Revenue get exhausted.

LPV Forum is definitely a legit site and they pay really well as long as you follow their rules. So why not give it a try?? 

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