Trick Discovered:How to view images and pictures on Free Facebook mode

Trick Discovered:How to view images and pictures on Free Facebook mode

At that point when your subscription expires or data got exhausted, The only way to continue using Facebook is to switch to Facebook free mode in which limitations of some stuff are Involved, pictures, recordings or likely pictures won't have the option to be seen on Facebook free mode. We have you secured. You would now be able to see pictures on Facebook free or Facebook free mode without having data on your Sim.

Because of the currently dangerous infection episode "coronavirus" the rate at which individuals remain online is at its peak, and this requires a lot of data(MB) utilization,as we all know, Facebook is one of the best social media application used to keep us in contact with our loved ones and companions online,  The Facebook app has an option whereby you can access the app even without data,however not all features can be enjoyed when your Facebook is on free mode 


Tools Need To Make Us Gain View Image On Facebook Free Mode


  • Facebook lite not the main Facebook app.
  • Android smartphone phone version 5 upwards.
  • 3G or 4G device.
  • 9mobile or Airtel line or sim without any data subscription or airtime on it.
  • Strong internet connection. 

That’s all about the requirements, tools or thing’s needed to enable us view pictures on Facebook freemode. Let’s get to know the main trick now

How To See Pictures On Facebook Free Mode

  1. To see images on free mode first open your already installed Facebook lite app. 
  2. Then turn on your Data connection on airtel or 9mobile network. 
  3. Now switch to free mode on the Facebook like app. 
  4. After that, you would notice that you can’t gain access to see some pictures or images, yes, that's because you are on Free mode
  5. Just close the app and long press the Facebook icon for android version 6 upwards. 
  6. For other Android versions like 5 and below, go to the app on setting menu then locate the Facebook lite app. 
  7. On the Facebook app info settings Clear Data 
  8. And go back to the app,  make sure your data it’s still on. 
  9. Log-in and you will be welcomed with two options thata Data mode and free mode.
  10. In case the Facebook life fails to load just close it and open it again. 
  11. When it opens, just select Data mode from the two options listed, and you can start seeing pictures or images on your Facebook without data free mode. Booom

Things To Note About This Trick Of This Free Facebook Mode

  • You can only view or see pictures and see images with this trick.
  • Videos can not be be streamed with this trick.
  • Make sure you don’t have any airtime on your Sim or Related Data plan.
  • Along the line, It might stop working and  then switch back to free mode automatically, just follow the whole steps as listed above to get it back to work. 

That's all about it, enjoy

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