Surest Way To Unblock your self on Whatsapp if someone Blocks You

Surest Way To Unblock your self on Whatsapp if someone Blocks You

Tips on How To Unblock your self on Whatsapp if someone Blocks You 

Follow the Steps Below:

1. Find a Place to Jot down the Phone Number that Block You from  WhatsApp. If you have the Blockers Number Saved on Your phone before, write it down and Delete it from your Phone.

2. Back Up Your Chats
I hope you guys have an idea about WhatsApp Backup already both Messages and Media Files.

Should in case you haven't  try one,  this is how it goes below:

¤¤¤ Enter Your WhatsApp.


¤¤¤ Click BACK UP TO GOOGLE DRIVE and set up back up frequency to your liking

¤¤¤ You will be given an option to select your Mail account (gmail, email or any mail that you know). Select the Mail you wish to use for the Back Up

¤¤¤Click BACK UP OVER to select the network you Wish for BackUp. This may requires some Data from your from. So prepare for this. 

3. Delete Your WhatsApp Account
(This has nothing to worry about,  you already Back up your messages and File)


¤¤¤Enter Your WhatsApp SETTINGS on WhatsApp and Delete your Account. By deleting your Account, it indicate that you are no longer an Active User,  so you cannot block anybody who is not on WhatsApp. So therefore, who ever block you will no longer have you on their Blocked List. 

4.  Clear WhatsApp Data


5. Reactivate WhatsApp 

¤¤¤Install Your WhatsApp and Register your Number on WhatsApp ( Now,  you are registering for the first time again) 

6. Restore Chats

¤¤¤ Make Sure your mail you use to Back up in  Process to is log in on your Phone. 

¤¤¤ Then,  Restore your Chat BackUp 

¤¤¤ Uninstall and Reinstall WhatsApp 

¤¤¤ Verify your Account, you will be directed to RESTORING YOUR MESSAGES AND MEDIA from Google Drive

¤¤¤ Done with the Restoration? Click NEXT and you get your Messages back in previous state. 

7. Re-Add Contact

In Conclusion,  Save the Contact you jotted down previously ( Blocked you)  to your Contact list on your Phone. 

Now search the Number you just save on WhatsApp (Blocked you)  and Send a Message... 
@~Teeskillz got you this. 

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