Surest way to making money from google Admob 2

Let me start by saying a very big thank you to those that read my previous post on how to make money on admob, the read is encouraging but comment is not, notwithstanding, as i promised i will proceed with how to make money on android app.


One of the most smoking conversation focuses in Android innovation is the manner by which to procure cash utilizing Android applications. For this situation, 'AdMob' of Google is the best stage for the applications for adaptation and augmenting the income. More than 1 million applications are utilizing 'AdMob' to create solid income with more than $1 billion paid to the designers. 

In this article, I will delineate the means of how you can show promotions in your application to win cash. 

Stage 1 

As a matter of first importance, you need to pursue AdMob by visiting the URL - 

Stage 2 

Make AdMob account by giving – Country Name, Timezone, and charging cash, and furthermore, acknowledge the terms and conditions. At that point, click on "Make AdMob Account." 

Stage 3 

Tell Google your proposals and illuminate you regarding refreshes. To check your Gmail account. 

Stage 4 

Confirm your record and contacts, at that point proceed to 'AdMob' account. 

Stage 5 

Presently, move to your dashboard and snap on Apps > Add your First App by giving your application name. Here, you need to choose your venture status as well, i.e., regardless of whether you have distributed your application or not. Presently, pick the application stage - either Android or iOS. 

Stage 6 

Presently, you need to make an advertisement unit by choosing your undertaking and tapping on the 'Include AD UNIT' button. 

Stage 7 

There are three classes of Google Advertisement Banner (like a lace), Interstitial (full screen), and Rewarded (recordings). Here, I will outline by choosing the Banner Ads. 

Stage 8 

While choosing the Banner sort, you need to make a promotion unit for this specific undertaking by giving the advertisement unit name. 

Stage 9 

At last, you need to set up the installments by presenting your addresses, and so forth what not. You are finished with the AdMob arrangement for your application 

Stage 10 

Presently, you need to coordinate your application with App id and Unit id in the accompanying manner. 

Make an application first – In this model, I am utilizing Android Studio 3.0.1 with Kotlin. See my article Getting started with Android and Kotlin on the off chance that you need to utilize a lower form of Android Studio for Kotlin improvement. 

Make a New Project, give the name and area of the task, select the 'Telephone and Tablet' application classification. Set the base SDK 19, click "Next". Select an unfilled Activity > Next > Finish. 

Stage 11 

Prepare your undertaking 

project.gradle document – include the accompanying expert if not exist in this record. 

allprojects { 

stores { 



expert { 

url "" 

build.gradle(Module :application) 

Include the accompanying reliance in this document - 

execution '' 

Stage 12 

Add the accompanying XML code to your activity_main.xml document. 


















Here, 'adUnitId=" caapppub8744339993361257/7857148840" is the default unit id gave by AdMob to testing reason. You can utilize your Ad Unit Id here. 

Stage 13 

Add the accompanying Kotlin code to your MainActivity.kt document. 

import android.os.Bundle 



class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() { 

supersede fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) { 



var addview: AdView =findViewById( 

/discovering view 

var addRequest: AdRequest = AdRequest.Builder() 


/introducing AdRequest 


/load see with AdMob. 

Stage 14 

Add the web consent to AndroidManifest.xml. 

<usespermission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/> 

Stage 15 

All done! Presently, you can construct and run your application for yield.


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  1. pls can you help me with the source code in zip format

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  3. the Zip file is available but on a condition, i can equally give you a customized app for admob at a cheap rate, you can call me on 08129129896 for discount


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Drop your comments it can save a soul 😜

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