Smart Phone Flashing Guide II

Smart Phone Flashing Guide II

The last time we assembled here, I might want to imagine that we really accumulated, clustered and nestled, simply go with, we discovered that I have an excess of arrangement that I have to watch and today I will discuss a couple of those activity pressed, bareness filled scenes… eerr, sorry wrong blog. That is to say, we learned extravagant terms like Mediatek, Spreadtrum and Qualcomm. In this article, we will jump into the cloudy universe of dishonest stuff like detour, break, hack and nakedness devices. Apologies, that last one was intended for an alternate crowd. I mean telephone blazing apparatuses. Hold on for me, I will get diverted time to time, it's a known clinical marvel and there are individuals taking a shot at it, I think. 

Anyway, before we sidestep, hack and split, we have to acquaint ourselves with the different glimmering devices we have to get penetrate our gadgets. That sounds somewhat uncivilized or possibly I simply need to go out more yet whichever way we will get to the (base, truly?) of things. 

Here is the rundown of apparatuses we will require: (connections will be made accessible once you have relinquished a kin or parent to me or you can simply look down to the finish of this article to devour the connections, whatever works for you) 

Cell phone Flash. 

Supernatural occurrence Box (split adaptation since we can't all manage the cost of these things). 

MTK Maui Meta 3G 

Drivers (We need these to make an association with the gadget) 

The rundown above is only the exposed essentials to begin. More devices will go along as we delve further into telephone blazing and how to bring in cash online at home. Pause, sorry that last part was intended for a spam site I am at present during the time spent coding. Nothing to stress over, I won't take a gander at your program history. I will just take your cash. Ordinary stuff. 

Peruse: Tecno W1 TWRP Recovery 

A speedy outline of the recorded instruments: 

PDA Flash ToolSmartphone Flash Tool 

This one chips away at the Mediatek Platform and it's fundamentally used to breath life into a dead cell phone back. It can likewise be utilized to overhaul an android gadget to a more up to date form, make a reinforcement of the whole working framework and related gadget information and furthermore design a gadget. Organizing, (contingent upon what area of your telephone you're designing may render your gadget briefly – and now and again for all time unusable) when fixing a specific issue. We will return to that later. 

Supernatural occurrence Box - Thunder Edition 2.82Miracle Box 

This is a beast of an instrument. It can do what the SP Flash Tool above can do thus considerably more. The instructional exercise on the most proficient method to utilize this outright boss of a device may take as long as it takes George R.R. Martin to compose a solitary part. 

Maui Meta 3G/4GMTK Maui Meta 

I utilize this instrument for a certain something and one thing just, IMEI fix. Watchword, 'fix'. Some of the time you resolution on your gadget and gratitude to the dim master stowing away in your gadget, your MTK gadget will joyously advise you that there is no administration. So you are stuck there asking why your telephone is discussing no administration when you haven't requested anything. So you disregard it and take a few nudes, a 

sew, selfies. You attempt to send the said nudes however for some unexplainable reasons your gadget can't associate with a specialist co-op. It bewilders you and you race to your fix fellow who subsequent to dialing *#06# illuminates you that your IMEI is degenerate. You promptly speculate the nudes, ahem, selfies are to be faulted yet you won't admit that to anybody not even the cleric. 

Umm, so MAUI META takes a shot at Mediatek gadgets to reestablish the gadget's IMEI with the goal that you can return to whatever evil exercises you were recently occupied with. 


Drivers, in spite of mainstream thinking, are not just found on our interstates. We need drivers to do an assortment of things on our PCs. For this instructional exercise we need drivers to associate our gadgets to streak devices. Each SoC has it's own arrangement of drivers important for glimmering. The connection underneath will download drivers you can use to streak pretty much every gadget possible with wonder box, SP Flash device and numerous others. They are vital for an association with the PC. 

In the envelope, there are two arrangements for the supernatural occurrence box above (which likewise work with SPFT) and two arrangements for Qualcomm SOCs. On the off chance that you are on the 64bit stage, utilize the x86-x64 arrangement to introduce the drivers and the Qualcomm*-64bit arrangement to introduce drivers for Qualcomm gadgets. The names of the records is essentially clear as crystal, in the event that you have fundamental comprehension of the distinctive working frameworks bit adaptations. The supernatural occurrence box arrangement will introduce drivers for SoCs on Mediatek, Spreadtrum and Coolsand stages. 

On the off chance that you experience driver introduce blunders, for example, a yellow triangle mistake on the driver name in gadget administrator, utilize the DISABLE_DRIVER_SIGNATURE.cmd content to kill driver signature confirmation and if anytime you need to return signature changes, utilize the ENABLE_DRIVER_SIGNATURE.cmd content to move back the state. It is completely given in the drivers download record. 

Since I would already be able to identify you are going to snooze off, we will get this next time and accomplish some functional work. Energizing stuff, I know. See you on the following one.

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