see how to prevent your WhatsApp from phishers

see how to prevent your WhatsApp from phishers

How to protect your WhatsApp

if you make use of WhatsApp and you haven't done your two step verification pin I will advise you do it now
This is because there lots of scammers out there trying to rip you of your money and other valuables, infact they are on rampage
When this Hackers hack your account they gain access to your account and take full control of your account while you lose control over your account.
They change your name and pin and they go through important information in your phone
Thereby endangering your contact. They will get hold of your contact list and be communicating with your contact without you knowing.
In most cases, the demand for urgent help and payment or get vital information or conversation to blackmail you.
I beg of you, this will not cost you anything to secure your account, the procedure doesn't take up to a minute or so to complete on your WhatsApp.
In order to prevent such a thing from happening to you because only God knows who the next victim will be, please follow these steps:

*Go to settings on your WhatsApp*
*Click on Account*
*Click on Two - step verification*
*Enter a 6 Digits Pin* (Make sure you can always remember the number)
*Input your email address*
*And tap on Save* ......... That's all.
If someone wants to change it, WhatsApp will ask for the Two-step verification and without it the account won't open.
It doesn't cost you anything to secure your WhatsApp account.
Let's be cautious and safe.
PLEASE spread these facts!

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