how to spot a fake SD card

how to spot a fake SD card

Many people have had this experience myself included. I could remember some years back I bought an SD card and on getting home I inserted it in my phone lo and behold the SD was actually fake because my phone couldn't recognise it.

Having to spot a fake SD card from an original one is not easy it takes a lot of professionalism because the difference are not much so you'll need experience to unravel it.

Most times it better of buying from shops than online because it will be more difficult trying to buy it online, unlike when you could actually see what you're buying

You may want to know the disadvantages of buying a fake SD card

1. INCOMPLETE STORAGE; most fake SD card don't always have complete storage as proposed by the label. You might buy an SD card labelled 32gb and on insertion into your phone, you'll be surprised to see a 16gb storage

2. IRREVERSIBLE DATA LOSS; quite a number of them get corrupted easily and as such leads to data loss

3. NOT DURABLE; fake SD cards don't last long, some of them takes days to get currupted and won't be visible in our phones any longer


1. CHEAP PRICES; A lot of people get carried away buy cheap stuffs. It's better to buy the best than go for the cheaper ones and later have regrets

2. CHECK THE STORAGE; some companies don't produce SD cards above 256GB whereas others produce above it .

3. CHECK THE BRAND; some companies don't produce memory cards. Huawei for instance does not produce SD card so whenever you see an SD with Huawei label just like the ones below,  just know it's fake

4. PACKAGING; fake SD card mostly comes with error messages, such as spellings and blur prints on the it.

5. PHYSICAL APPEARANCE; you should be conversant with the physical appearance of your choice of SD card. For instance, edges of SD cards produced by Samsung are known to be colored white while fake Samsung cards will have their edges in black, as counterfeit producers will find it troublesome to do that much details.

I hope this few tips will help you to avoid fake SD cards and never get scammed again.

Remember also to buy SD cards from trusted sellers

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