How to Use Your Voice To Control Your Android Smartphone

Google assistant, created by Google, is an AI {artificial intelligence} that is accessible on Android cell phones. It is occupied with two-way correspondences. Basically the Google colleague is communicated with the regular voice, despite the fact that console input underpins them. Presently the Google aide oversees numerous errands, for example, plan cautions and occasions, search the web, turn on the battery saver, show the email notice, play your main tune, and parcels more. 

A large number of the Android clients are acquainted with the virtual individual associates on their advanced cells like Cell phones, Google Home, Amazon's Reverberation, iPhones, and so on. A large portion of the clients control their cell phones with their voice, without contacting the telephone. All you need is to have a web association. So as to enact the Google Right hand, you have to hold the home catch on your gadget or, in all likelihood essentially state "alright Google". On the off chance that you've diverted it on from settings. 

Not many of the fundamental essential things which you can ask Google right hands to do are:

1) Say 'Ok Google' to open the Google Assistant on your Android phone.

2)you can also use Google assistant to know about your day's appointments by giving the command. Speak 'Today's appointments' to find out the meetings and appointments on a specific day.

3) Google Assistant will help to set the alarm. Say 'Set alarm' to set reminders or alarms.

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4)You can also send messages to your contact name through Google assistant. Speak 'Send messages' and the assistant will ask for whom. Tell the contact name and the message.

5) You can even make calls to your contacts using Google assistant. Speak in 'Call' or Ok Google "Make a Call"  (with contact name) to call someone.

6) To know information about the sports events, say 'ongoing matches' such as Nigeria vs Argentina. 😏

7)Google Assistant can also be used to perform searches on the net. Simply speak the 'keywords' and it displays the relevant information.

In case you want to control the Android using your voice without an active internet connection, then you need to install an application known as 'Google Voice Access'. This app will offer you more detailed control when compared to the Google assistant... If you have any questions you can use the comment box below 👇

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