How To Use Free Mode on WhatsApp and Telegram (2020)

How To Use Free Mode on WhatsApp and Telegram (2020)

How To Use Free Mode on WhatsApp and Telegram
Hello Everyone, 

It all started like a rumour when some network Providers agreed on helping their clients to get access to  Social Media  for Free of Charge even though there is a Limit to this (Free 20mb/Daily) on Facebook. It all Started by MTN Network Provider before some others Network Provider use this as a Competitive Advantage to meet up with the Market and in order not to make their Clients left out of this amazing opportunity. 
  Since then,  so many people have been anticipating to have a Free access to other Social media as well like WhatsApp,  Telegram and others you know well than I do. 

So today I will share a basic framework glitch that I have been enjoying for some time now ...

Let us move straight to the point now... 

Things required 

1. MTN SIM card 

2. Best Plan for this is MTN Pulse

3. Try and Borrow Airtime (Any Amount) 
4. Telegram and WhatsApp application. 

So how can it functions 

1. Change Your Tariff Plan  to MTN Pulse (Dial *406#) in the event that you are not on MTN Pulse.

2. After that, make sure you don't have any Subscription left on the Sim.

3. Borrow Airtime from MTN (Any Amount)

4. On Your Data on the Borrow Sim and Try send a Message on WhatsApp.. 

Note that, you can use part of the Borrowed Airtime for Call or Messages, but do not finish all. At least, make sure u are left up with #1 and above to keep this trick working.. 

 Possible Questions 
I know most of you here minds is asking, Can I download Pictures on WhatsApp with this trick?

Yes, but guess nothing more than 1mb Picture...

That's all for now, almost synonymous to Whatsapp Free Mode I guessed. 

Any inquiry please don't hesitate to pose beneath. 

Stay Glue and Stay Safe,  Nairavilla get you the Latest always... 
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