how to unlock any Infinix smart phone

how to unlock any Infinix smart phone

In this post, we will talk about how to unlock your Infinix mobile phone in the event that you no longer remember the pin or password. 

One choice you have is to perform a factory data reset, so as to erase the pin, password or Maybe finger print, but since you are not able to access your settings, then how will you do it?

Let me show you: 

Consider that you have your Infinix Note 5 and you can't unlock it since you no longer recall the pin. It will show you "Wrong Pin" when you attempt to open it. 

To get access back to this phone, you have to carry out a factory data reset, and how will you do it?

Firstly, switch off your phone, i.e., power it off. 

When the phone is turned off, you have to press the power key and volume down together and continue till the Infinix logo Springs up

When the Infinix logo springs up, remove your hand from the power button while still holding the volume down key until the "factory mode" screen comes up. 

At that point, you will see the screen indicating factory mode. Now press the power key again 

You will get a ton of choices on your phone. you have the choice called factory data reset. 

Use the volume keys to explore this options, and once you are there, press the power key to choose it. 

It will at that point show "formatting data" which implies all information in the internal memory of the phone will be lost. 

You have to remember that once you perform factory data reset process, every information be it app, music videos and there about will be lost since this is the way it will delete the pin and password from your phone and make it look entirely new

When done with the factory reset process, your phone becomes entirely new and you have to configure it again 

In any case, interestingly, you will have the option to get to the phone again. The main downside is that you will lose the entirety of the information you have in your phone. 

These means above is the way by which you can carryout a factory data reset on your Infinix Note 5 or any of the Infinix cell phone

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