how to turn your phone to a CCTV camera

how to turn your phone to a CCTV camera

CCTV or closed- circuit television, is a system that helps or allows you to keep tab on what's going on around business, at home etc 

The cameras and monitors alike gives you the enablement to view events, record footage for reference purposes


The importance of CCTV cameras cannot be overemphasized. It uses ranges from decision making, collecting evidences, keeping records monitoring activities as well as crime deterrent

Basically, security officials use it for crime detention 

Having a CCTV camera at home is paramount as it helps to protect our homes and businesses from criminals and undesired thugs.

The invention of CCTV cameras has helped to discourage breachment of security

Howbeit a lot of individuals have been discouraged due to the exorbitant prices and cost of CCTV installation.

That's why I have created this post to help readers with cost effective way of installment of CCTV cameras

It is quite simple to install and use. The only thing you have to do is to go through the procedure below and you are done.

Make sure you have data connection before you go through the procedure below.


Two or more android phones.

Internet connection.


Go to google playstore.

Download the Alltools application.

Install the application and open it

Under the wifi utility section select cctv option.

Connect one phone as the server,to be used as the monitoring phone,while connect the other phone as camera.The camera phone can be multiple ones.

Following the above procedure you are already done.The only thing you have to do is to place the camera phone stragetically at the target place where the video is to be recorded

This application also allows you to save the video for later review.

The process is simple is'nt it?

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