how to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android

how to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android

How to schedule WhatsApp message on Android 

You may be going on a break or vacation and perhaps you've got an important time-sensitive message you need to send.

Peradventure you traveling to your village and the network connection there is too poor, you can simply schedule a WhatsApp message and then go on your trip without any fear 

To schedule a WhatsApp message, there are lots of apps to help out, but it's very important you look for the right app. With it, you can actually send a scheduled WhatsApp message and relieve yourself of every inconvenience.

Scheduler for WhatsApp

This is a very good app for scheduling WhatsApp messages as it offers quite a lot of features. You can easily install and make use of it. Some of its features include 

      *  You can create a group and send a scheduled WhatsApp message 

      *   you can schedule email messages as well.

      *   you can change the app themes whenever you like.

      *   fast and responsive customers care services.

How to use WhatsApp scheduler

1. Download the scheduler for WhatsApp from the play store.

2. Sign up 

3. Enable accessibility

4. Choose WhatsApp and then tap +

5. Select the recipient time and frequency of the WhatsApp message.

6. Type the message you want to schedule.

GB WhatsApp

This is one of the best apps for scheduling WhatsApp messages. It's absolutely free and comprises of lots of interesting features which includes, 

      * no root access

      * you can post a status of about 225 characters as opposed to 139 characters by WhatsApp.

      * you can hide your last seen and typing indicator 

How to use GB WhatsApp

1. Download and install the app from the Google play store.

2. Register your details as you do on WhatsApp.

3. To schedule a message, click on the contact, type of your message, and then set the time and frequency you want the message to be sent.

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