How to identify fake Laptop

How to identify fake Laptop

How to identify fake Laptop

The level at which Fake or refurbished Laptops we commonly refer to as “CHINA” or “CHINKO” infiltrate our Technology market is deeply worrisome. Many people are robbed of their hard earned money by this as heartless dealers swindle them because they are not informed enough to distinguish between FAKE and ORIGINAL Laptops.

What Are Their Common Features

Here are the ways you can identify FAKE or Refurbished Laptops. Nevertheless, the features listed below are not exhaustible; you are best advised to identify a trusted dealer.

1. The Keys on their Keyboards are not placed correctly (not in order): Refurbished Laptops usually have their keys function incorrectly. The
pattern or position of Keyboard keys is normally 1234567890 QWERTY UIOP ASDFGHJKL…. The numerical keys (1,2,3,4…) usually have
other key symbols on top of them that can only be realized holding the “SHIFT” keys simultaneously when pressing them. If for instance
key “2” gives anything other than “@” when you press it, then, the system is refurbished. Also, the backlash key with the symbols “\
and|” should follow the key “P,” though the position may vary in computers. If it realizes something different when pressed with “SHIFT”,
pls, the system is refurbished.

2. When the Screen Doesn’t fit perfectly: Original Laptops; both new and “London used” have their screens perfectly aligning with their
frames. If there is gap between the screen and the frame, then the system is refurbished.

3. Every original Laptop should have stickers near the keyboard. The stickers must identify the Processor the computer is using e.g. Intel;
the RAM size or Memory. If after starting the system, a different Processor or OS shows-up other than the one on the sticker then, the
system is fake.

4. When the battery producer name isn’t the same with the producer of the Laptop.

5. Check the back of your Laptop if it has identification, service tag or serial number and then visit the website of the producer to check if
they support such identifications. E.g. My Dell Precision has a Service tag I use on Dell website to get drivers for my system.

6. You can call the Producer if they have your serial number in their Database. If they don’t, then your system is CHINA!

All this notwithstanding, Laptop sellers in Nigeria always find “sharper” ways to sell their fake Laptops. You could fall a victim if you aren’t properly guided or informed. To save yourself from trouble, you need a dealer who has been tested and trusted. Nanish Tech LTD is one of these dealers who have integrity in the business. They deal in original new and USA-used Laptops that you will be certainly delighted to purchase. Aside the ONE YEAR WARRANTY you will get on any Laptop you purchase, they will also, help you install and drive software Applications on any Laptop you buy.

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