How To Get Free #360 or More than #360 Airtime on all Network

How To Get Free #360  or More than #360 Airtime on all Network 
Hello Everyone, 

We come again with another amazing ongoing offer. 

In my Research as usual,  I actually found a Survey Program name REINIT Research which is accessible for Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and so forth. 

They also allow in Airtime form which are explained below:

             "100 point is comparable to 1$ N360.. "

How to Join: 

Then,  Scroll down and Submit (Make Sure your email is correct and password, those are the two key requirement for your login details).

2. A Message will pop up like this, for you to verify your Mail
    Check your Mail box

    Open the Reinit Research 

    Click on Click Here to Activate Account. 

4. You will see this
Then You Login

3. You get 50point enrollment reward like this

      The minimum amount for withdrawal is 100.  points (#360 Airtime) , All you need is to refer 5 people to reach the Minimum Withdrawal. 

               "10 point for every referrals.. "

5. Now Scroll down to the bottom at Step 4, you will see a Pop Up Message like refer a Friend, Click on it and you will be taken to a Page like this
Copy Your Referral Link and send to Friends... (minimum of 5 friends to reach your limit quick) 

6. Your Earnings Start to increase as soon as they are joining. 

7. Once you reach 100 points, Scroll down and Click on Redeem Points

8. You will be directed to the page below, type 100 to Points to redeem Button (depending on your Balance) and then Click Redeem  
This will show up after redeeming 

9. You will get your Airtime in the next 48 Hours to the number you use for the Registration 

 If you need a complete text that will attract your referral, kindly ask me out on Telegram

#StaySafe at Nairavilla.

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