How To Get #2000 with #100 on Airtel

How To Get #2000 with #100 on Airtel

How To Get #2, 000 with #100 on Airtel

Hello Everyone, 

This is another blazing opportunity from Airtel NG. Last week,  I discussed about how to get 1GB with just #200 only and how you can double this to get 5GB with #1,000 only. Let leave that one, that one is for the Data Subscribers,   you can check the link here in case you don't have the opportunity to see this early. 

The above link only favors people who use Data and believe Data is Life, but would Airtel NG disappoint people with the belief that Calling is Life?  capital letter "NO". Some of us are not addicted with Chatting, like me I prefer hearing how she sound on Phone and getting my reply instantly with no excuse or distracted from others guys. Just joking around. 

Checking on my SMS Inbox this afternoon, I got a Good news which I would like to share to you guys here. 

The Bonus title is Called 20TIMES, which implies that you get 20 multiply by what ever you Recharge. 

Another Good news about this offer,  is that you can use it to:




You can see the message I got below, tested and trusted.... 

1. Airtel Sim
2. Any Phone that can Recharge
3. Airtel Airtime (#100 and above) 

How To

Dial *241# now.

Select "1" for #2000 and Pay #100
Select "2" for #4000 and Pay #200
Select "3" for #6000 and Pay #300
Select "4" for #10, 000 and Pay #500

This offer is Sim Selective, try out the code first if you have not receive this message. If it tell you Insufficient Balance, then go and Recharge. You are free to go. 


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