How to Create Unlimited Telegram Pins (Create Folders)

How to Create Unlimited Telegram Pins (Create Folders)

How to Create Unlimited Telegram Pins (Create Folders to Group Your Chat)  

Telegram is among the best instant messaging app in the world with over 200 million active users, Telegram have been gaining more popularity due to the amazing features  like:
¤¤ Achieve Chat
¤¤ Pin Chat or Group
¤¤ 200,000 Group chat members
¤¤ Instant Messaging 
¤¤ Voice Recording Animations on Android
¤¤ New Animated Emoji
¤¤ Channel Stats
¤¤ Sharing of Files and messages
¤¤ Desktop Sync

But, Telegram has recently added another Feature that makes it easy for there Users to be able to Pin Chats until you get satisfied.  Though, before in the last two months, you can only pin the maximum of 5 Chats on your Telegram list... But now,  they have made it easy for you guys to make excess of pin and makes Chat more easy for you to find your top list chat and Create Folders for your Work Mates,  Family members, Personal Chats, Downlines, Church/Mosque Members and many more... 

Now let go to how to Create Folder and get Unlimited Pins... 


To get Unlimited Pins, you need to create Several Folders as listed above... 

1. Create a Folder First

¤¤ Try to Pinned more than  5 Pins, then you see a Pop Up like this 
Click on SET UP FOLDERS, then click on Create New Folder
Add a Folders name, like me I use Toblexa1, you can add Family, Friends and others you wish to. 
then add the Contact of people you wish to fit for your folder name... 

¤¤ You can also create another Folder after you are done with the First folder name.
Go back to Home Page after Creating all Folders you wanted. 

¤¤ Then go to each Folders you created and Start another Pinning

I hope this will help for some of us that do wish to pin more Chats.. 


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