How To Create a PayPal Account That Can Receive Money in Nigeria

How To Create a PayPal Account That Can Receive Money in Nigeria

How To Create a PayPal Account That Can Receive Money in Nigeria
This is a Tutorial that people will collect money from you but I'm willing to make it free here.
Though,  many have already paid for something like this either of recent or lately due to the termination from Nigerian Receiving money on PayPal. Probably, I guess they use it to reduce the scamming rate, but what about those that really want this for the survival of their legit Online Business... That's why I've chose to be a Good Samaritan tonight... 

Now,  lets go... 

After undergoing some deep Research, I discovered a Solution and this is the utilization of #Lesotho PayPal which has the full PayPal Features, which implies that it can Send and Receive fund just as do different things a Foreign PayPal does, unlike Nigeria own that can not  Receive Money 💰 .

So Let Me Go Straight To The Point About How To Open PayPal Account In Nigeria 

¤  Click this  Link for Start Up

When on the page you have to pick a business since we are starting a business account and that is the record that has the full PayPal include we need. 

So click on Signup and afterward select the business account on the following page 

On the following page, you will be required to enter your own data and your business data.. Try not to stress over the business data however ensure you are using your Real name all things considered on your report here. 

So in the email field, we enter the email we need to use to open the PayPal account and afterward enter and re enter your the Password of your choice. 

On the business Information area, where requested Legal names enter your unique first name and last name there, for business name you can put any business name you need to use there, it doesn't make a difference whether it registered or not. 

Where requested a phone number, click the dropdown alternative from Lesotho and change it to Nigeria which is 234 and you enter your portable number there discarding the absolute initial zero that start the 

number, for example rather than 08035, use 8035

At that point you enter your location address as it is stated on your bank statement and the following step is to choose the currency you need the PayPal to use, for this situation, select USD and click I AGEE AND CONTINUE . After  
finishing all the procedure. 

You presently have a full working PayPal that you can use to get and send cash anyplace on the planet 

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