How To Convert 3G to 4G To Make It More Faster

How To Convert 3G to 4G To Make It More Faster

How To Convert 3G to 4G To Make It More Faster

Recently,  South Africa have introduced 5G Network in their Country, and some Countries are still doubting this, saying it is a great adventure but might have a bad effect on people Health. After the Introduction in South Africa we heard no death case about the Invention. 

But, that not what we come here to do, but we still have to talk about it because that is the trending invention. Because, if you try 5G , 3G will just be like using 2G after the invention of 4G. 

Airtel with her Slang "4G is Great,  3G is Better", this article is to help you to switch from Better to Great, that is, to get access quick to internet with no delay, you need 4G.
Although, some have the 4G Coverage in their area, but their phone doesn't have 4G Connectivity. So I'm here to show you a trick on how to boost your network connection from 3G to 4G. All Steps and Requirements will be explained below, it is faster than the Slow 3G network most especially if you have an urgent assignment  to do online. 

How To

1. Download " 4G LTE Switcher"  from PlayStore
2. Launch the App, then you will see a Testing Screen, with these Four Options like, Phone Information, Battery Information, Usage Statistics, and Wi-Fi Information. 

3. Click on Phone Information, and Scroll down to Set your Prefer Network Type 
Choose, LTE/CDMA/UMTS auto (PRL)

4. Scroll down  and Click Update


You can now enjoy your 4G Network.. But, make sure you are in 4G location. 

And if you do not get the steps above, Click on this LINK FOR TUTORIAL VIDEO


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