How To Activate Free 3.5GB on MTN

How To Activate Free 3.5GB on MTN
Hello Everyone, 

Some Couple of weeks ago, I talked about how to get free 100mb or more Daily on MTN Sim, in case you miss that, you can click the link here How To Activate Free 100MB and More Daily On MTN, the offer is still working perfectly, I am just done with using mine some minutes ago. 

Actually, some people food are some Poison. Some of my friends are nagging about the 100mb that it is too small for them, you know every body like dreaming big with no dime of investment. That's the Nigeria we live in.

Now,  there is this ongoing offer which sounds to be that Perfect Picture in that our big dream, which is the Free 3.5GB from MTN to the New Customers. Though, Economics once said that,  "There is no Free Launch", that is, there is always a Requirement for everything good things. Now let's talk about the requirements. 


1. New MTN Sim
2. 1000 Naira

Come Back here and Read Finish before you go. Don't panic,  you still own your 1000 Naira, just wait and read How To. 

How To

1. Buy or Get a New Sim (Don't Change the Plan, that Yafun Yafun is the key). 

2. Recharge #1000 directly from your Bank (Do not Recharge through Recharge Card 💳 , this may not give you your 3.5GB oh) 

3. Check some code to Recharge 
4. After Recharging from Bank, dial *559*43# to check your Free Data


Your #1000 will still remain on your Sim, no one will touch this. You can decide to exhaust this free 3.5GB first before you use the #1000 for Subscription or use it for Calling. 

Enjoy while it last. 

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Your opinion matters
Drop your comments it can save a soul 😜

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