Facebook acquires giphy for $400million

Facebook acquires giphy for $400million

Facebook has announced that it has acquired the giphy, a well known GIF- sharing platform

The deal reportedly cost Facebook about$400million and it has planned to integrate the giphy library in WhatsApp, Instagram and other Facebook owned social media and services

Facebook buys Giphy for $400 million

The integration of Giphy, which is used for sharing but for making and editing GIFs, has started long ago as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram all work with the library. Facebook had said  that about 50% of the Giphy traffic comes from the it's  services.

specifically, Giphy would be part of the Instagram team and will make it easier for its users to share GIFs in stories and private messages.

 And as for Giphy users, things will remain as they are for the time being. No changes would be made to the platform itself.

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