Earn €5 (#2,140) and more From Zelf Instant Money In Messenger (May, 2020)

Earn €5 (#2,140) and More From Zelf Instant Money In Messenger (May, 2020)
I think it getting long since we talk about legit online earning with no dime for investment here... So tonight is another great opportunity that you will not regret you come across this post. 
I as a testifier have Signed Up and Earned my Sign Up Bonus and currently making more with the on this opportunity called Zelf. 

What is Zelf? 

Zelf is an instant money messenger bot that is used to send and make some payment same as that of a bank and do transactions with the note from several social media like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Viber.
The Zelf Bot is unlike Leo messenger bot which people use to make transactions on view Facebook messenger,
but this is just quite different from other supported features because that just what it’s based on sending and
receiving funds view a chat.

In short, Zelf is super-fast banking in messengers.⚡️Send and receive money easily by text or voice with no fees.
They offer their Banking app in different ways to make transactions easier for their Customers, like free ATM Card (MasterCard for that matter).
The ATM Card can be use for both Online Transaction and used to make payments and receive on any Atm box available in your area.

Tired of Introduction?  Let go to how to Earn Sign Up Bonus (€5)

Steps To Earn From Zelf

1. You earn from zelf through
registration  , you get five euro €5 instant registration bonus when you
finish the setup of your account.
2. You also earn another
€5 when you invite your friends to join zelf which can make you earn more. Let imagine you invited 10 friends and they registered as you have done..
. That's €50 approximately #100,000+.

What still keeping you waiting, or do you want to wait again till this offer vanish? 

How to Get Started? 

There are many ways to Join this platform, since we said it a Social Media Instant Banking system. You can join through, 
¤¤   Facebook messager
¤¤   WhatsApp
¤¤   Telegram
¤¤   Viber
But,  I Signed up with Telegram 

How It Works on Telegram

1. Click Here to join with Telegram
2.  You will be redirected to the Page as seen below
Click on Telegram Icon (3rd Icon) 

3. Click on /start
4. You will be directed to click on the ” I want card” button on the bot.

5. Click it,  then you will be asked to provide your phone number in an international way.
  Like, +2347012345678 , that is,  Country Code to represent your first Zero

6. A verification code will be sent to the number then Copy and send it to the Telegram messenger bot.
7. Then provide your name your full and real name which will be provided on your card (Atm card)
8. You have successfully got a card and have a zelf account, your account will be loaded with €5 registration bonus as stated above.
You can click the “My Zelf” button to check your zelf balance. 

You may be asking yourself is this not a Scam platform again? The Answer is No, They are legit in such a way that you can confirm from their main site or page they also have a Twitter page that you can join too and permit you to ask them some questions if you feel like once you follow the steps and procedures as stated above you will get whatever you earn from zelf.

Can I send and Receive  Money?
Yes,  to send Money, You will send a Text Send "Amount" to Receiver Name to the Zelf Bot,  like "Send €5 to Ashaolu Toba ".
You will receive a code to your register phone number for verification, input it and that's all.

You can also receive money,  by texting Bot Ask Ashaolu Toba for €5 Fund. 
You can also receive by sending the sender or telling him/her to scan your QR code for payment and Recurring transactions method via text or voice note. 

Can I Withdraw From Zelf? 
Yes,  you can.   Zelf fund can be withdrawn once you get your ATM Card and the Atm Card being activated just like a Payoneer card, it's been shipped from their headquarter in USA referring to the Payoneer card.

When will I Get My Zelf Atm Card?
I got to discovered the date while chatting with Zelf bot, the first card will be issued on may 31, 2020. Whenever the giving out start,  you will be contacted about the card Issuer.
The only available Card now is the Virtual card which is the card that will be sent to you first on May 31 due to the pademic before you get  your physical card (Virtual Atm card includes Card number, Expiry date month/year and the Security code.)

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Enjoy ...


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Your opinion matters
Drop your comments it can save a soul 😜

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