Earn $20 daily copying and pasting videos

Since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, quite a lot of individuals have been stuck at home with little or no source of income . Most people have been forced to eat from there savings, some go as far as lending money just to survive, invariably,  putting themselves in dept.

During this lockdown, most of us have our phones as our companion. We subscribe at all times just to watch movies on YouTube, play online games and so on while being ignorant of the fact that we could actually rake in daily income with them.

While you may feel stuck at home and blaming the government for little or no palliative, I wish to tell you that a lot of people are cashing out on daily basis.

There are legal businesses to do online to make money and I would be introducing you to one. I'm here to help you!!

All you need for this is just a laptop and data subscriptions. This wouldn't be a problem for us a it's just a means of utilizing our data to our benefits

Now let's go to the real deal

YouTube is a very popular social app. It involves sharing of content to public for views  in return for money. In my previous post I had talked about how to create and develop your YouTube channel. Click Here to read.

Today I want to indulge you on how to get videos to post on your channel for free.

Here are the steps

1. Go to www.pexels.com There you will find various categories of free and short videos. It could be workout video, sports video, space videos, Do It Yourself Tutorial videos etc. Just make a choice based on your creativity. You could also pick an intro video an example is a short drone video of a couple walking on a beach. Note that these videos are without sounds

2. You will need sound that will play in the background during the entirety of the video. You can get free interludes from YouTube audio library. Note that these sounds are without wordings.

3. To add spoken words to the video, for example inspirational words. Visit internet archive website and download any audio for example type "getting rich" in the search box and pick a choice.

4. At this point you need a movie maker to mashup your video. You can download Open Shot, it is pretty easy to use. Then mash up the materials in step 1 to 3 to get a really cool video which you will upload in your YouTube page for people to watch.

5. To monetize you need an Adsense account, you also need at least 1000 subscribers and 400 watch hours in the past 12 months but don't worry if you don't have these. You can make money alternatively by going to clickbank, sign up, choose a product to promote,copy and paste the link of that product at the description of you video. As people watch your video and read your description they will click the link and clickbank pays you.

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