4 Proven way to Changing any Phone Imei Number

4 Proven way to Changing any Phone Imei Number

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is one of the significant pieces of mobiles which is utilized to distinguish and follow the lost mobiles. For the most part, the IMEI number contains 15 digits which are broken into parts. In the event that you change the IMEI number, it is hard to follow your versatile. In the event that, if your portable is lost or taken, you may feel it hard to follow it on the off chance that you change your IMEI number.However, you can include your lost versatile's IMEI number to boycott by giving your proprietorship verification in close by showrooms. This outcomes in the blockage of systems on your portable. You may likewise lose significant archives and qualifications and so forth. 

In the UK, it is supposed to be unlawful to change the IMEI number. So as to discover your IMEI number by your android keen mobiles then just by composing *#06# on your dialer or with your portable box. with the goal that you can discover the IMEI number of your versatile on that crate. Once in a while, on the off chance that you change your IMEI number in any capacity, you may discover it as invalid on certain sites or tracers. At that point, you can return to your IMEI number by Factory reset or the application or instrument which you used to transform it. 

How to change the IMEI number forever? 

They are numerous approaches to change IMEI number nowadays.. Changing the IMEI number is gainful, however similarly, it has detriments as well. Remember this before changing the IMEI number. 

We should get into the procedure, 

There is a well known approach to change, 

Strategy 1) {Common And Popular method}: 

*Works with Android gadgets 

Stage 1: Open your dialer and type either *#7465625# or *#*#3646633#*#* . 

Stage 2: You will be coordinated to Engineer Mode on your android gadget. 

Stage 3: Click on the Connectivity alternative which is very next to Hardware. 

Stage 4: Now, you can see the CDS Information which is the base of the rundown after Wi-Fi CTIA. 

Stage 5: Choose the top third choice named Radio Information in procedure to change your IMEI number. 

Stage 6: Now, If you have two SIMs on your versatile, at that point you can change the IMEI number of both on the off chance that you need or anybody. 

Stage 7: You can see IMEI1(sim1) and IMEI2(sim2) ..Change anything you desire just by supplanting the IMEI_1 in the AT+EGMR=1,7," IMEI_1" and IMEI_2 in the AT+EGMR=1,10," IMEI_2" with any number which you need to be your new IMEI number. Supplant them with your new IMEI number. 

Stage 8: Finally, Click on the Send catch to spare changes. 

*You can likewise do this by downloading an application named portable uncle accessible on the play store. This is for MediaTek Chipset gadgets. 

This application is as opposed to utilizing the above code on the dialer cushion. 

Strategy 2) To change IMEI on your cell phone gadgets utilizing private applications 

This strategy requires an attached gadget to change the IMEI number for all time by the utilization of some outsider applications. 

Step1) : At first Root your Android gadget with some establishing applications in the wake of opening the bootloader (If your android form is above 5.0.1). 

Step2): Search for Device IMEI number changer(root) or some other application in the play store and download it. 

Stage 3): Better back-up your gadget and adhere to the directions given in the application. 

Step4): Moreover Check the current IMEI number and enter the new IMEI number. 

Step5): After all Factory Reset the gadget and afterward you will get the new IMEI number supplanted with your old one. 

Technique 3): Change IMEI utilizing Xposed Installer application 

By utilizing Xposed Installer. This technique requires an attached gadget to change the IMEI number by the use of some outsider applications. 

Step1) : Firstly Root your Android gadget with utilizing an establishing applications in the wake of opening the bootloader procedure (Please note that If your android variant is above 5.0.1). 

Step2): Now, You can download and introduce the application Xposed Installer APK. 

Step3): Open the application and you can see two alternatives in particular Font Changer(iFont) and IMEI changer. 

Step4): Tick the second one that is an IMEI changer. 

Step5): Then, you can see your current IMEI number and you can transform it by entering your new IMEI 

new the underneath box marked "New IMEI" number. 

Step6): Select the choice apply underneath and the spare changes! ! . . 

*Your IMEI number will be changed and you can get the old IMEI number inside the application itself. 

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Technique 4): Change IMEI number for all time by utilizing PC with SDK apparatuses 

Step) 1: Go to the "About Phone" alternative on your Android gadget ! what's more, click on manufacture number until you get a short message at the base of your screen as "You are presently a designer". It's around 5-8times successive taps on the manufacture number. 

Step) 2: After that, you see another arrangement of choices named "Designer Options" at the base of your Android gadget. . . 

Step) 3: Next, open them and switch on the alternative called "USB Debugging". 

Step) 4: Now, download SDK emulator alongside HEX Editor (or some other the same editorial manager on the off chance that you know) on your pc and concentrate them appropriately. Additionally, download any gadget driver which drives the properties of your Android gadget with your pc. 

Step) 5: Attach your Android gadget to your pc through USB.. 

Step) 6: Now, run the executable program named xvI32. Exe on Adm., benefits. 

Step) 7: Once, the cracking entire procedure is finished, open that executed document arm named emulatorarm .exe. 

Step) 8: in the event that you finished all means, at that point you can squeeze Control + F and afterward fish into CGNS(in the inquiry box). . . 

Step) 9: at long last, you can change your Android gadgets IMEI number by changing the numbers after +CGNS 

which is left of your pc screen. 

Presently, you can discharge your gadget and check the new IMEI just by dialing * # 0 6 # on the dialer of the telephone. 

Note: Method 4 Is unsafe and may destroy your Android gadget. attempt this technique at your own hazard. Indeed, this technique is puzzled and confused to ordinary individuals.

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